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"A Divine And Majestic Presence"

Trulymajestic and divine

"A Majestic And Divine Presence"




The most powerful being ever known. Goku is just simply inapplicable to the concepts of boundless, power, speed, destruction, chaos, war, death, pure, perfect and any other concepts that have existed, doesn't existed, and beyond.This Goku is the most overpowered goku in existence and non-existence.He is the Evolution of Mvc Goku and can kill the Almighty Skodwarde.This is MVC Goku but just Evolved

Powers and StatsEdit

Tier: OH MY GOODNESS, HE KILLED K.A.M.I.T.R.O.N. CYBERGOD OVER 9000, BRUCE LEE (EGAGGERATED), CHUCK NORRIS (MEME EDITION), BUGS BUNNY (THE ULTIMATE DOWNPLAY) ,LORD ENGLISH (ACSENDED), ALL GODZILLA'S, THEODORE ROOSEVELT AND LOGAN PAUL (PRE-RETCON) BY HIMSELF ALL AT ONCE!!! BY... STANDING!?!?!??!?! JUST WHAT THE HECK!!!! HOW CAN HE GET MORE POWERFUL!?!?!?!?!?! (Kid Goku) l God of memes +++++++++ ++ and infinitely, alefinitely, maxfinitely, Hissfinity, Hirohitofinity, and Trumpfinity +s (Everything infinitely, alefinitely, maxfinitely, Hissfinity, Hirohitofinity, and Trumpfinity ) (F

Name: Son Goku

Origin: The Internet and Dragon Ball, Gokupotence came before the concept of the concept of origins.

Gender: Gokugender

Age: Goku Age

Classification: Saiyan, God, The Strongest, The Godly Being, The True One Above All


Attack Potency,Speed,Lifting Strength,Durability,Stamina, and Range :  Goku's (Exaggerated)Power Level^Goku's (Exaggerated)Power Level^1000000000000000000000000000000000000 Goku's (Eggagerated) Power levelx1000000000000000000000000000000000000000- 10000000000000000 omnipotents doing an infinite amounts of fusions x MvC Goku x your mom's and Fat Mom's weight x Chuck Norris (Meme Edition) and Bruce Lee (Eggagerated) x Mr popo x ftds' love for Naruto x the number of butthurt narutards reading this x Saitama x Alexcar3000 x N-Alex SIPREME LOGANG DEMON GOD x brolypotence x Beyond the concept and idea of tiers or scales and even every understanding of power (Base Kid Goku)

Intelligence: IMPOSSIBLE TO COMPREHEND (Lord of Fiction Daniel quoted that Goku intelligence is far beyond even his and this was Kid Goku intelligence)

Standard Equipment: Gokupotence, Power Pole, Senzu Beans, and anything he wants cuz he's Goku....

Strengths: This used to be the weakness section but it along with everything becomes the greatest version of itself when cooperative with Son Goku’s Divine and Majestic Presence.


Survived getting hit by PIS

Vaporized Naruto instantly

Defeated Bruce Lee

Defeated Bruno Mars

Notable Attacks/Techniques:Edit

  • Ki Blast –  Can blow up absolutely anything with this attack. Tested it on infinite omniverses once.
  • Invisible Eye Blast – Instantly kills the enemy, killed Naruto with this move.
  • Destructo Disk – Can cut through any known and unknown material. He has even cut concepts and nonexistent butter with this move.
  • Kamehameha – Goku's signature energy attack, even though it was invented by Master Roshi. Goku first learned this technique after witnessing Roshi use it to extinguish the fire on Fire Mountain. Goku has also invented numerous variations of technique, including the Bending Kamehameha, Super Kamehameha, Kaio-ken Kamehameha,  Double Kamehameha, Twin Dragon Shot, Angry Kamehameha, Flying Kamehameha, Instant Kamehameha, True Kamehameha, Kamehameha Rebirth and more. He also gained a far more powerful version after mastering his godly ki called the God Kamehameha or Burst Kamehameha. Goku can instantly kill anybody with any of these Kamehamehas.
  • Continuous Kamehameha – Goku spams multiple Kamehamehas capable of destroying anything.
  • Solar Flare –  Goku literally grabs the sun and tosses it towards his enemies, and when the Sun will the opponent, it will blind them for eternity while receiving beyond infinite degree burns at the same time.
  • Manipulation pianos because of which "accidentally" things happen that could not happen accidentally, if at all they could. In fact It may be expressed such that the character suddenly finds Vundervavel suddenly becomes stronger opponent (who seemingly could kill his presence), suddenly opens a second (third, fifth, forty-sixth, etc.) breath, the enemy suddenly becomes an idiot, and etc. .
  • Pianos opportunities
    • A sudden burst of energy / power up
    • Friends Give Goku forces
    • All the good the world has given the Goku forces
    • anything gave the Goku forces
    • Evocation Goku due to the fact that the author has not yet invented
    • Evocation Goku occurred just
    • Suddenly opened / discovered new talents
    • The sudden resurrection
    • The ability to suddenly find the desired object, accidentally stumbled on it
    • The sudden weakening of the enemy
    • Sudden numbness enemy
    • The enemy begins to push Pathos speech before killing
    • The enemy begins to tell all the details of their plans, as well as provide detailed instructions on how and what you can win and what button is pressed, to destroy all his plans / tells his Achilles heel
    • Suddenly, the enemy moved speeches of the Goku and goes on his way
    • The enemy changes its own principles, but before he could achieve his goal without resorting to such methods, which is why at the Goku appears good reason to beat him, but before it could be
    • Suddenly, the enemy found a weakness that suddenly there is a Goku
    • Suddenly, the enemy slipped / stopped
    • ANY
    • all at once
    • SON GOKU
  • Kaio-Ken – Goku forms a red ki aura around his body, multiplying his power level, enhancing his strength and speed. The highest level of this attack that’s been used is x Infinite Transfinite Infinite Eggagerated goku Divine and Magestic GokupotencexInfinite Transfinite Infinite Eggagerated goku Divine and Magestic Gokupotence^ Infinite Transfinite Infinite Eggagerated goku Divine and Magestic Gokupotence. Goku can combine the Kaio-ken with his Super Saiyan transformation allowing him to solo any verse. Though I guess he could already do that.
  • Street Magic:
  • Is this your card? "-. The easiest trick Street Mage Causes the victim to choose a card, which after starting to see it all documents, memorabilia and photographs are transformed into maps selected card goes under the clothes and various openings Soon the victim is going crazy, dying... Street Mage, and the last time move the map - in the tombstone.
  • Are you sure this is what they bought? - Street Mage can easily change the victim clothes, clothes to replace the bear and back again, and it is absolutely transparent to the victim.
  • Fear - a formidable reputation Street magician makes people run away, but the spell "Do not you want a little special street magic?" It stops them and makes suffer all the humiliation.
  • Wormhole - twists of space-time in the donut. If the victim tries to escape, it is worse.
  • Changing personality - instantly changes the identity of another person on their own.
  • Teleportation - teleports Victom a few meters up and a couple of million years in the past. 10 seconds in the real world passes to the victim as 2 weeks.
  • 0 - Reduces the object several times
  • 1 - Instantly returns the previous size.
  • 0 and 1 v2.0 - turns the victim into a cardboard figure and back.
  • Sending a cruise - sends the victim to leave. On the Titanic.
  • Mega kick - conceptual Goku ability to kill with a single blow, simultaneously giving all this ability.
  • Subspace pocket - a kind of metaphysical area, which has access to the Goku, contains a surprising number of any money, dozens of weapons, including a grenade launcher and minigun, as well as an unlimited amount of ammunition.
  • The manipulation of weather - able to create a clear sunny weather, very sunny weather, cloudy weather, rain, foggy weather, storm, storm, sandstorm. and etc
  • Shooting "in Macedonian" - a secret jutsu handguns (pistols and PP), gives + 200% to the rate of fire, + 100% knockdown + over9000 to Ponte and 50% for accuracy. But in the usual case, the Goku also wields any weapon, because the accuracy of something he does not suffer. The essence of the jutsu is to take in each hand Shortgun and shoot with two hands simultaneously.
  • Manipulation of time - Capable of how to slow down time, and speed up, or stop it completely. It has the ability to lock in a certain time point.
  • Genki Dama (Spirit Bomb) – One of Goku's signature attacks in which he conducts the spirit energy of all nearby living organisms allowing Goku to attack on a beyond PIS level. He has been shown to gather energy from all over the omniverse. Strange the actual Genki Dama is much stronger than all the energies it came from combined. Guess Goku’s just that good.
  • Godly Shunkan Ido (Godly Instant Transmission) – This technique allows Goku to travel back and forth in time. (can access omnilocked and memelocked places)
  • After-Image Technique – Fools any and all enemies by sending an after-image to fight the enemy.
  • Dragon Fist – Goku delivers a punch that causes an explosion and creates a golden dragon that either wraps around the enemy and disintegrates with him or devours them. Goku once let a created dragon go and Zalama used it to create Super Shenron before the retcon.
  • Super Dragon Fist – A combination of the Spirit Bomb and Dragon Fist used by Goku in his various Super Saiyan forms. Goku creates a Spirit Bomb and absorbs it before throwing a powerful punch filled with the Spirit Bomb's energy. The attack hits with so much PIS that even if an enemy is infinitely more powerful than Goku (which is impossible and has never happened) Goku can still kill them with this attack.
  • Dragonthrow – Goku's signature grapple throw that allows him to toss enemies into another dimension.
  • Sword Breaker –  Allows Goku to break any and all swords. Pretty specific but whatever.
  • Mind Reading – Somewhere along the trip to Namek Goku taught himself how to read the minds of others. With this ability he can read the mind of anyone in any cosmos, existence or anywhere, nowhere, somehow neither, and etcetera else.
  • The Better-Than-You Attack: It literally makes Goku better than anything you have. I don't give a crap about how your character is "unbeatable" Goku automatically wins against him. This ability is available in all forms.
  • Eat Everything: Saiyans are said to be able to eat anything. This includes all of the opponent's attacks. Poison and any harmful objects congested would have no effect on Goku. Hell they might even help Goku.
  • Other Stuff Manipulation: Basically when the writer (孫悟空Son Goku孫悟空/Thetimepatroller/Elvis Adika etc) is too lazy to write down things such as "reality warping" or "plot manipulation" Etc. It is the ability to manipulate Blah, Blah, Blah, no one cares
  • Cloning: Goku can clone as many copies of himself as he wants and all of them have the same abilities, durability etc. He can also somehow make them stronger than him.
  • Beyond the fourth wall: Goku can literally attack the reader and kill the reader, beware. Goku has also been seen manipulating real life in certain ways which he deems fit.
  • Ability Copy: Goku can copy any technique without even looking at it. The copied technique can even copy other "Ability copy" The copied technique is far more powerful than the original.
  • Hax Immunity/Reflection: Goku is immune to and can repel any type of hax ability, no matter how powerful it is. even if the hax ability is unstoppable, Goku easily stops it.
  • Better than better than you attack: Goku literally doesn't have the ability to loose. It even includes other characters who doesn't have the ability to loose. I wont talk about a "how about goku looses" situation because it would never happen. Period. Even if the other character is saidto be able to defeat Goku. They still can't.
  • Senzu Miracle: If Goku ever finds that his health is low (which is literally impossible), we will perform this technique, and this allows him to completely heal all of his lost health, and also giving him an incredible zenkai boost.
  • The worst fate: This move turns you into Naruto (downplayed) regardless of how much hax resistence or power or special ability that is said to stop it. it will turn you into naruto (downplayed), But you keep your memories, and your stats change into Naruto (downplayed) stats. So now your strength, speed, size, abilities, intelligents, appearance, etc are exactly like Naruto (downplayed) (note their is no reversing it, regardless of your power and or abilities that you had before the move was activate).
  • NOPE: Any character stated to be more powerful than this goku is automatically weaker. (NOT A COPY-CAT ABILITY FROM TEH DOCTURR) (actually I copied it from one of Skodwarde's notes)
  • META NOPE: If an opposing character has the NOPE ability or anything else similar to it that ability it will be negated against Son Goku.
  • Super saiyan 10000 Goku.
  • Goku (according to dbz fanboys)
  • Fusion Form: Transforms into a fusion of him and another character. He can transform into these forms whenever he wants to instantly. He can also fuse using any type of fusion method.
  • Divine and Majestic Spirit Bomb: The most powerful spirit bomb move ever known. In this move, Goku get his Divine and Majestic Energy into the spirit bomb from all omniverses and then the Divine and Majestic Spirit Bomb forms a big ball which is infinity times bigger than the Omniverse. This type of Spirit Bomb is far beyond the destructive potential of PIS power and even strong enough to defeat characters who are beyond the concept of being defeated.This Spirit Bomb have even got respect from Skodwarde,Dante Redgrave,Yugi and have becomes good bros aka best Buddies/Friends.
  • Divine and Majestic Dragon Fist: The most powerful dragon fist move ever known. In this move, Goku concentrates his Divine and Majestic Energy into the Dragon Fist and then the Divine and Majestic Dragon fist forms. This type of Dragon fist is far beyond the destructive potential of PIS power and even strong enough to defeat characters who are beyond the concept of being defeated.
  • Divine and Majestic Kamehameha Wave: The most powerful kamehameha move ever known. This special Kamehameha is absurdly more powerful than PIS power and has the power to defeat anyone who cannot be defeated/above the concept of being defeated etc. Its destructive potential is even above the powers of Skodwarde who many considered to be the most greatest being in everything.
  • Roundhouse kick and all forms of martial arts: pretty self explanitory
  • Always right: he's always right no matter what
  • Divine and Majestic Gokupotence: The most powerful move/form ever known in all of reality, non-reality, fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, non-fantasy and everything. In this form, Goku has transcend to a level beyond everything. He is no longer applicable to the concept of being defeated in a battle. He cannot be affected by any means of attack, and he can alter his opponents abilities even if the opponent's abilities is beyond the concept of being overrided. The concept of being defeated, beaten and/or altered are no longer applicable to Divine Gokupotence. If the opponent EVEN DARES to try to alter Divine Gokupotence abilities, they cannot as Divine Gokupotence is no longer applicable to the concept of being altered. He is also no longer applicable to time, this means if his opponent is a time controller, (example. Teh Docturr) their time abilities are absolutely useless. He cannot be stuck in a time loop, time glitch etc, as they are still in the concept of time and Divine Gokupotence is not applicable to that concept. He is immune to every attack from his opponents as Divine Gokupotence is also beyond boundless to the concept of being attack. Divine Gokupotence is also impossible to copy, even if the enemy can override the ability to not be copied. Long story short, Divine Gokupotence is no longer applicable to ALL FORMS OF CONCEPTS. Even concepts that is fan-made, dont exist or overall beyond wanked, Divine Gokupotence is no longer applicable to them. Goku is also no longer applicable to the concept of boundless beyond wanked as that concept is still infinity below Divine Gokupotence.(ATTENTION, THIS IS NOT DIVINE GOKUPOTENCE'S FULL POWER, HE HAS NEVER DEMONSTRATED HIS SERIOUS ABILITIES. IT IS SAFE TO ASSUME THAT GOKU, IN FULL POWER, IS SOMETHING THAT WE MUST NEVER SEE AS THE LIVES OF EVERYTHING WILL BE DESTROYED, EVEN BEINGS WHO ARE ABOVE THE CONCEPT OF BEING DEFEATED, WILL ALSO BE DESTROYED BY THE FULL POTENTIAL OF DIVINE GOKUPOTENCE. THIS STILL ISNT EVEN CLOSE TO HIS FULL POWER, AS HE IS SO POWERFUL HE DOESNT HAVE A "FULL POWER")
  • The Unknown Saiyan Form : Unlocked by Goku (True Power)
  • ?: This is Goku’s above, beyond, etc. final, last, etc. form's above, beyond, etc. full, max, etc. potential, power, etc. that he finally got into, and also fused, combined, etc. with all of his victories, friends, etc. (they got the same stage as Goku to fuse). Note: Goku did achieve full power in gokupotence (lesser form).


Notable Victories:

MVC Goku, Wanked Goku, DBM Goku, & HyperGokuPotence/MovieCodec Goku (Free for all battle and also the most intense battle ever!!!)

basically all of goku (Eggagerateds) post and pre retcon's victories and Inconclusive matches

Son Goku (Exaggerated)

Son Goku (Exaggerated) Pre Retcon

Skodwarde The Almighty (Goku won by killing Skodwarde without a tap)

Dante Anthony Redgrave (Both Can Copie each and via that Became Goku and Dante Best Buddies aka Bros)

Dopte Reddington Hoppengraver(Goku and Dante was Fused to beat him)

Daruto Redwinter(Goku and Dante was Fused to beat him and the profile of the fusion would come soon)

Asriel Dreemurr (Goku even agreed that Asriel can even be beaten in a battle, so they both become great friends)

All of Yxz’s victories and matches exept mayron lol


Spam Virus

Brawl Meta Knight

Notable Victories:

(Wait isn’t this supposed to say losses? It seems it was changed. But by what?)

Key: The title is a lie. This is not his true power. Everything stated here is downplay.

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